Hair Check

Dandruff. It happens to us all. Sometimes we don’t notice it. Sometimes the photographer doesn’t notice it. Until we get the prints. Or begin editing. Then we suddenly discover little white snowflakes flecking everywhere!

I use a clarifying shampoo once a week. If I see signs of dandruff, I usually treat it twice a week as instructed on the treatment shampoo bottle for a week or two prior to minimize it. It seems to work like a charm. Also, for about a month before a shoot (if I’m not modeling regularly myself), I do a coconut oil treatment once a week to maximize hair health.

I work about a dime to nickel sized amount into my hair, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse, shampoo, and condition. Because I have curly hair, I try to do it on a Friday night when I’m not going anywhere, and let it recover for a day or two so it doesn’t look greasy or weighted down. (But everyone is different. Some people don’t have this happen. Test your hair type on a weekend you don’t have plans.)

Deep conditioning and argan oil are also your friends. Use hairspray and anti-frizz control (if your hair type needs it), especially if you are shooting outside. They help minimize flyaways.

One thing that gets overlooked more often than you’d think: split ends. Get your hair trimmed about a week or two before a shoot. It helps make your hair look healthy and full. Also, haircuts tend to make us all feel more attractive and confident, and the compliments you get boost your self esteem further. You will end up going into your shoot feeling great about doing it.

IF THERE IS A HAIR STYLIST: FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. If they do not want you to put product in your hair, do not put product in you hair. NOTHING. If they do not want you to wash your hair the morning of, DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR THAT MORNING. Don’t be surprised if you show up thinking you were helping, and they get angry or force you to wash your hair and dry it and start over. And don’t be surprised that everyone else present will be very upset with you for making the entire production day run late. If you are a model, you may not be asked to work with that studio again, especially if it is a repeat offense. Let the stylists do their job. They are going to make you look amazing. Don’t get in their way.

FOR MODELS: Don’t make a hairstyle or color change after you are hired. Especially a drastic one. If you are about to make a major hair color or cut change, inform the photographer right away. For example, if you’re really into vivid wild hair colors, that’s awesome. But if you get hired and they are expecting you to have fire engine red hair, and have coordinated the location, wardrobe, makeup, and any props to all work with this, and you show up with lime green hair with pink stripes, most likely absolutely nothing on the set (or for the concept for that matter) will end up working. You’ll go home without a shoot, and probably never be asked back. Whether they decide to work with you again in the future or not, either way, the entire concept team has to start over from scratch.

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