About Mischa

Mischa Fox first began photographing with a 1976 Pentax MX at age 12. With an early aptitude for art, not only did she take four years of art for her honors diploma in high school, she was granted the ability to take the Senior Studio Portfolio course twice (once as a junior), and after falling in love with the dark room, also co-designed an independent study course in dark room photography as her capstone. After several successful regional shows in photography, drawing, and painting while in high school, she had her first solo art exhibition at age 22.

She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Art & Design program within Peck School of the Arts and earned the scholarship and award of Outstanding First Year Student before transferring to Madison College to continue hands-on studio work in the commercial photography program. With a dense STEM academic background in physics, mathematics, and chemistry combined with a rich tapestry of English, multiple foreign languages, and fine arts composition, she excelled in advanced coursework and concepts immediately.

Mischa broke ground with a vivid collection of emotive portraits, vibrant floral and landscape images, clean commercial studio promise, and edgy experimental fine art pieces. She draws from literature, sculpture, surrealism, motion studies, mythology, fantasy,  music, and pop culture for inspiration. Her work is infused with her fascination with alternative and subcultures, and her celebration of intersectional feminism, sex positivity, and  unbridled support for the LGBTQIA+ community. She hopes to bring greater representation into the media and fashion world along with her creativity.

Mischa is also a published poet, horror and fantasy fiction writer, musician, songwriter, former award-winning stage actor, model, and activist. In her free time when she isn’t hiking with her camera or playing with her pet rats or ball python, she still paints surreal feminist pieces rife with symbolism and reminiscent of Frida Kahlo.